Lawn Care

We offer a full suite of services designed to keep your lawn in top shape. Since no two situations are the same, we will apply a custom approach to your lawn and its individual needs.  

Lawn Fertilization

We work with you to create a plan that fits your personal budget and lawn needs.  Each visit, your lawn will be treated with our extended time-released granular fertilizer (specific to temperature/season).  These granular products provide all the valuable nutrients your turf needs to stay healthy, thick and green!

Weed Control

Broad Leaf Weeds

Whether your lawn is thick or thin, broad leaf weeds are sure to return every spring. With our liquid weed control products, we are able to eliminate these weeds once they begin to germinate. It is a gradual process but you will notice weeds begin to wilt in 3-4 days and will disappear in 3-4 weeks. If not, take advantage of our free service calls for a re-application.


We apply a pre-emergent herbicide during our early spring and late spring visit. These 2 applications will prevent crabgrass from germinating in normal to thick turf. Thin and bare areas of the lawn may still get some crabgrass during the year; however, we will apply a post-emergent herbicide to kill it for you free of charge for customers who got both spring applications.

Grub Control

White grubs begin to actively feed and cause turf damage late August and early September in the Midwest. Our season long grub control is guaranteed. It prevents the larvae from hatching thus preventing them from feeding on your turfs’ roots. Grub control doesn’t eradicate all grubs from your lawn. The goal of grub control is to lower the amount of white grubs in your turf below damaging levels so don’t be surprised if you still find a few grubs after our treatment.

If grub damage still occurs we will apply another grub control application and repair the damage free of charge.

Lawn Fungus & Disease Control

Lawn Disease

Besides grub damage, lawn disease is the most common pest of a beautiful lawn. Lawn disease normally presents as irregular circle patterns in a lawn and are caused by natural conditions. Lawn disease will present itself when they type of grass is susceptible, the pathogen is present, and environmental conditions are just right. Lawn diseases can be prevalent in the Midwest during the spring, summer, and fall. Some lawn diseases can cause die back of turf if left untreated. Treatments for lawn disease include fungicides, core aeration, and fertilizer treatments.

Things you can do

      1. Sharpen your mowers’ blades: Mowing with dull blades causes grass to tear thus making it weak and more susceptible to lawn disease.
      2. Mow grass tall: Most grass species should be cut at 3 1/2” – 4” in the Midwest. Taller grass equals deeper roots which means healthier, thicker turf that can deal with heat and drought better. Also, thick, tall grass prevents weeds from germinating making for less weeds throughout the season.
      3. Water 1-2 times per week during extended dry periods, especially when temperatures are above 85 degrees. When watering a lawn infrequent, deep watering is best for healthy turf.

Core Aeration

A core aeration can be done in the spring and/or fall and is one of the most beneficial things you can do to your lawn.  It helps to greatly improve the flow of air, water and fertilization to the root system.  It also reduces soil compaction and thatch build-up.


A broadcast spreader is used to apply a premium blend of bluegrass and rye grass throughout the entire lawn (unless otherwise specified).  In Illinois, the best time for overseeding is early fall and is generally done in conjunction with a fall core aeration.  Proper seed management is required, but our job is to lead you through the process.

Our Promise To You


Our regular treatment visits are every 4 to 6 weeks. If a pesky weed pops up within that time, we will cheerfully come out for a free re-application. Take advantage of these free service calls!


Locally owned and operated by people that know the business inside and out. There’s no automated systems here. Drop us an email or give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.


It’s our goal and promise to provide our clients with a lush and green lawn — all delivered with a smile. Leveraging our years of industry experience and expertise we’re proud to offer our highly quality customer services at a fair and competitive price.


This isn’t a side business, this is our business. All service calls are completed within 72 hours of receiving the request. No exceptions.

What Do Our Customers Say About Us?


I’m all signed up with Elite Turf and I’m happy I can mark this off my to do list. Ryan and his team do great work and now there’s one less thing I need to concern myself with, they’ll take care of it.

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I’ve personally dealt with Ryan for four years in the green industry, I absolutely trust his commitment to his clients. Highly recommended.

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